Four Simple Techniques For Attracting Aquarius Men

Four Simple Techniques For Attracting Aquarius Men

Dec 25, 2016 Singles by admin

What are some good techniques for attracting Aquarius men? Well, they involve principle, mystery, being non-constrictive and moving quickly. Read on to find out more about those techniques, if you want to attract Aquarius men.

1. Principle Matters- In order to attract an Aquarius man, you need to show them that principle matters to you. A person of principle has a good chance of attracting this sign. In other words, be the type of person who sticks to their word and defends your beliefs. If you are easily swayed by others and demonstrate you do not stick to your principles, then you’ll have no luck attracting an Aquarius man.

2. They Like Mystery- Be an air of mystery because when it comes to quantities, Aquarius men are attracted to the unknown. Be the things they like, which includes being a bit secretive and being someone who holds their cards to their chest and doesn’t reveal every single little detail about yourself on the very first date or two. The more mysterious you are, the more an Aquarius man will be attracted to you.

3. Don’t Constrict Him- A lot of women meet an Aquarius man and then all of a sudden, he disappears on them. One reason is because they don’t like being constrained, which means you should make an Aquarius man feel as if he can go and come whenever he wants and don’t make him feel as if you want him to change how he his. Aquarius men tend to need their own space from time to time, so take a light approach to these men and don’t make them feel as if you have concrete expectations of them.

4. Make A Move Fast- Aquarius men tend to be attracted to women who make their move fast. This means they like women who let their feelings be known as soon as possible. There’s a difference between coming off as pushy and trying to rush a relationship to progress than it is to simply let the man know how you feel. In other words, tell an Aquarius man what you’re feeling and move fast in this regards.

That is how yo attract Aquarius men. If you keep those tips in mind, then you’ll be attracting men under this sign in no time. It may take some practice, but eventually you will be able to implement those tips in a natural way.