What Does Neuro Linguistic Programming Mean?

What Does Neuro Linguistic Programming Mean?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short, has been around since the 70’s. Although it does have a dedicated following and many big names backing its effectiveness. It still seems little known or understood in the mainstream.

Which is a shame, because almost everybody could in someway benefit from it. It does hold many life skills that could help anyone change their life and their results. If only they knew it existed or understood what it means.

Lets see if I can change that, because I do have a great passion for what NLP can do for you.

NLP is a modelling process, it was born out of academic work Richard Bandler and John Grinder did. They were into linguistics and created a study around how language can effect change.

After studying and modelling Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. NLP was born. The distilled essence, attitudes, tactics and genius of 3 great therapists in one dynamic program. That is NLP!

Neuro stands for your neurology or nervous system (your mind). It is through your mind that you experience and process the raw data of reality via your 5 senses.

The Visual components of the experience, what you choose to see. The sounds that you deem relevant or Auditory data. The Kinaesthetic’s which is your feelings either internal or external. Any smells come through your olfactory sense. And any tastes make up the gustatory data.

Bare in mind or in your Neurology that this is just raw data, it has no meaning at this point.

Then we have the all important “Linguistic” part of the name.

The Language that you use internally and externally. Internal language is self talk, the making sense of the experience inside of self. External language is what we say or what we hear others say. This is a expressed representation of the perceived reality. This also includes any and all nonverbal communication. This is the coding you choose to use in ordered and given meaning to the experience.

You manage this process using pictures in your head. These picture may have important sounds attached to them. They may have or stimulate important feelings to fit the meaning. They may include smells and tastes. From this coding comes the words to describe the internal experiences to represent the external event.

Then finally we have Programming.

The structure, strategies and programs that we habitually run to assist us to dumb down reality. We need to dumb down reality to a manageable level to be able to communicate firstly with ourselves. As well as your actions, interactions, behaviours and communication with others.

Our neurology draws on these systems and programs automatically to deliver specific outcomes.

Some programs run in an optimum way and deliver amazing results. Some of your programs will however be faulty and consistently deliver terrible results.

So to summarise what NLP truly is!

It is a powerful set of tools and techniques that utilises the language of the mind! To gain clarity and discover flaws and faults in the programming. Re-calibrate it, gain wisdom or meaning from it and then effectively re-pattern it

Creating a higher functioning process to help consistently achieve specific desired results.

You can either choose to control what you think and do! Or have what you think and do control you. The later is less than ideal but tends to be the way the vast majority function.

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