Who is your Friend

Who is your Friend

When you hit the thirties then the scales of youth gradually start falling. You start seeking the deeper meaning of life and one of the things you change apart from your wardrobe s your friendships so how should it go?

1.You’re alike

There has to be some similarities whether it be love of coffee, politics, literature, movies, or even people watching. There just has to be a common ground. I have a specific friend whose personality is so different from mine that other people wonder why we are friends. However, what they don’t know is that we share a mutual likeness for watching Korean dramas and gory films and then talking about it later over coffee.

2. You show each other mutual respect

Every smart person knows that respect is earned and real friends respect each other. They know when they need to be quiet and give you privacy and space or when they should shake you back to your senses. My friends give me advice whether solicited or not but they respect my decision even if they don’t agree with it.

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Fake friends do not come with a label that reveals so. They are like the green snake in the green grass but the thing is they will always leave one or two clues expose them. For you to overcome the sway of fake friends you have to know how to deal with them and still hold you head up high.

If the friend is only an occasional friend or person you deal with, cutting off communication during your working toward your goal may be wise. If your saboteur is a family member, this may be impossible, but otherwise, since they aren’t a real friend anyway, I would let them go.

State your goals clearly to your supportive friends, and have them with you whenever you are engaged with these family members or fake friends you cannot cut out of your life. That way, your supportive friends can help support your mission in the midst of naysayers.

Minimize the amount of focus you give your goals when in the presence of fake friends. Since fake friends focus on their own goals and needs, they won’t miss what you don’t bring up.

Become more comfortable being alone. Having fake friends drains a lot of energy. Save that energy you give away to fake friends to accomplish more of what you want to in life.

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You might now be wondering how else you can make true friends if the ones you had were not true. Well true people make good friends you simply have to know how to find them because most of the times they are the most misunderstood people.

Much like with family members, you can go extended stretches of weeks or months without talking and hanging out consistently, yet there’s no doubts about your relationship. Schedules get busy, circumstances arise, but your friendship remains fully intact.

They are sincerely happy to see you have any type of success. Not the lying-through-my-teeth fake smile and bogus “Screw you, why not me? Ohhhh, well good for you!” – but legitimate excitement and congratulations.

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